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Common causes of construction disputes

· construction delays

When do you consider a project successful? When it ends in due time within the stipulated budget. That's the most common and understandable answer. Construction projects are typically very complex. Hence they seldom reach the point of completion without any delays. The Construction industry has become extremely competitive because of conflicts.

Why do construction disputes occur?

A Construction project hardly goes as planned. There are multiple disputes among different parties throughout the project. Some of them can be anticipated while others come unexpectedly. Unanticipated ones are difficult to handle. Their reasons are difficult to find out. For this purpose, you must hire a Quantum Expert for your construction project. Possible reasons for disputes are as follows:

Common causes of construction disputes


When there's a wide between the information required to carry the task out, and the information available, the situation is referred to as uncertainty. When things are not clear, workers cannot collaborate with the project manager. When uncertainty is high, a certain part of the project, e.g., layouts specifications will change with time. Conflicts are hence inevitable.

Problems in contract

Multiple entities working on an ongoing project can have opposite interests. This tension can worsen in extent. Workers might stop working. The project manager might face unforeseen issues. Contract conditions related to risk liabilities can be such that they are unacceptable to one of the parties.

Owners asking for accelerated work

Technical details are known to people who are working on the field. So when owners want the construction project work speed, they are ignoring that there are intricacies which take time. There are problems on the field, or hindrances due to the location of the site, which only a technical worker will realize.

Consumer reactions

Sometimes when a project reaches completion, the customer is not satisfied. In such times conflicts are created. These arise when either a consumer is not satisfied with the design of the building, even if it aligns with the design suggested by the owner of the building. Warranty claims also cause disputes due to consumer reactions.

Inexperienced workers not familiar with team culture

A bad fish can pollute a whole pond. If one or a few team members not familiar with the culture of project time can become a source of conflict in the team. In such cases, conflicts can become very severe. Conflicts caused in such cases are comprehended only by a professional Quantum Expert.

Project complexity

Sometimes projects are very complex. Although they look very good in feasibility studies, when it comes to working together, they pose a great challenge to the project manager. He has to manage all part of a project simultaneously. Some projects are so complex that they do not allow enough room for effective management. Matters go wrong, and conflicts arise.

Variations in project components

Every part of a construction project cannot go according to plans. Ideally, it should. But with time, circumstances can change. Due to which, changes are made to the scope of the project. The variations due to any circumstances cause disputes among various stakeholders of a project.

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