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Steps to make a strong case to quantify disruption

· construction claims

Construction projects are quite complex building procedures. They require workforce, time, costs and intensive expenditure of resources for successful completion. As, construction is not something that can be done overnight, so delays and disruption during the project progress are quite common.

However, the art lies in how to sail through the construction and quantification claims successfully. As you already know that there are three significant steps involved in quantifying disruption with quantum experts; thus without wasting any time further, the article will walk you through the first step of quantification in detail.

The first step to deal with any quantification claim is to come up with a strong case. Case making often involves technical details that are mentioned in detail below.

Two elements of making a case for quantifying disruption

Although courts have finally grasped the concept of disruption damages; but still the cases attempting to raise voice against losses have not been successful. It is because the components of the claim that commonly cause disruption are severe to quantify. Not only this, but it has also resulted in the lowest recovery chances of claimants.

However, after careful inspection, it was seen that significant causes of failure were due to not giving enough time to case formation or acquiring quantum experts for case validation. Thus, by incorporating these three elements into the case formation step; you can increase your chances of success.

Steps to make a strong case to quantify disruption


You must be thinking of how liability concerns case making. Indeed, liability is a legal issue that really isn’t a part of the quantification process. Hence in our quest of quantifying damages; questions such as who is responsible for the loss doesn’t a concern.

Thus, for a strong defense of a case, it is necessary that you simply concentrate on quantifying the extent of damages that occurred during the construction process. Quantification is a crucial step can also be resolved by taking help from top construction claims consultants.

As they have a professional team of experts for quantum analysis to help you sail through the trouble!


Causation is a process that demands to establish a relationship between the claims of direct impacts and the total injury that the claimant has suffered. This is the most tedious process as the complexity of separating inefficiencies caused by the customer's changes from those that would have occurred anyway isn’t easy.

Thus, the element of causation needs special time and attention if someone wants to ace through the disruption case in court.

Final thoughts about quantum claims!

Proving disruption in court is quite troublesome. The real challenges are in establishing relationships and therefore the amount of resultant injury. The ways historically used don't adequately address the necessity to elucidate the causes of reduced productivity and multiplied process on the noncontinuous project. Thus, quantum analysis is not an easy task.

It requires high-level expertise of companies to reach the quantification results. Since quantum is related to the study of losses and disruption in terms of money and costs are not always measurable, so the professional help of a quantum expert is the best option.

The experts are sure to guide you through all the thick and thin of claim issues. Moreover, they’ll assist in finalizing the case for you and make sure it is presentable and have covered all the clauses mentioned in the legal notice.